Cicero and Diva had already been arranged and came back to us after 14 days on the flimsy grounds that it was too stressful for the new owners. Now they share the cat room with Emil, Findus and Gregor, 3 young male cats who have been abandoned during the last 14 days and have been taken in by us ...

Cicero, b. on 27.07.2012, is very cuddly and playful!
He is white with tabby spots and delicate luch sohrlis and a beautiful spot on the nose.

Diva, about 6 months, is mediated only with Cicero or, if necessary, as a single cat. She is rather incompatible with other cats. Diva is independent, but likes to be petted
Diva is mackerel.

Emil, about 5-6 months old, the absolute Schmuser. Although he likes to have contact with other cats, man is the dearest to him. Emil just wants to cuddle and as soon as you're sitting somewhere, he already occupies you. He is coal black with 3 white hairs on his chest
Emil was found in Saxen.

Findus, also about 5-6months old, was found in Grein. Findus is playful and likes to be petted. He is brightly tabby.

Gregor, also 6 months old, was picked up in the ASZ Grein. He is cheeky, playful and cuddly. Gregor is dark mackerel.

Photos follow, but either it is the lousy reception in the cat room or the site is crazy, at least I can not upload any photo.